We are very glad to announce that our book, "Couples at the Crossroads" is receiving a lot of warm and positive responses. A lot of people are finding our work useful to them, so we feel rewarded and pleased by the interest it is generating.

It is through relationships that we grow, develop and come to be who we are.

We are all in relationships from birth on and, while our book is specifically directed at romantic relationships, it can also apply to other kinds of relationships, from parent/child/sibling relationships to professional relationships, to friendships and, last but not least, to the relationship each of us has with ourselves. So, anyone can benefit from reading it, utilizing its concepts and advice by applying them to whatever interpersonal and intrapersonal situation they are concerned about, or want to make healthier.

We are living in a society that, unfortunately, prizes speed at the expense of depth, introspection and reflection. Without the increased awareness and insight that come from introspection and reflection, however, we will lead superficial lives and will make instant decisions without reflecting, exploring, investigating and understanding our actions and the emotions behind them.

Please take the time to sit down with the book.

Reflect on what it says and how you can apply what you are reading to your life, or to the lives of your loved ones. You will feel be enriched by this experience and achieve more insight and understanding of yourself and others. After all, as Plato said: "An unexplored life is not worth living."

We are always happy to hear from each of you with comments, feedback, questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts.

Couples at the Crossroads can help you if:

  • You are currently at the crossroads in your relationship.
  • You want to know and understand what happened to your intimate relationship and why things changed.
  • You are a professional (counselor, coach, minister, etc.) and want valuable information about how to best help your clients

Couples at the Crossroads helps you understand:

  • How you and your partner can re-commit to your relationship and each other.
  • What to expect of intimate relationships (much more than in the past…)
  • What you and your partner need to achieve your relational goals.
  • What are the secrets for a successful intimate and long lasting relationship.
  • The five steps you can take to deepen your knowledge of yourself and your partner, how to deal with the challenges you encounter and how to find your way back to love with each other.
“Couples at the Crossroads” is currently released and is distributed by Amazon.com. The book is available for purchase as a soft cover book and as e-book.
To view our new book click on the link below and the book will open in a new window. Just open the first page and scroll through its Table of Contents, Preface and Introduction.