The odds against a marriage today are startling: about 50% of first marriages in this country will likely end in divorce. Chances of divorce increase even more with second and subsequent marriages.

    "Grey" marriages (46-64 age range), historically the most stable, are now increasing at a higher rate than those of any other age group.

    Yet, in a survey conducted a few years after the divorce, almost 70% of respondents said they and their partners should have tried harder and longer to save their marriage. Which begs the question:

    Why didn't they?

    The fact is, most couples just don't know how. They lack the tools and skills that were needed to turn their relationships around.

    So, how can couples learn the right tools and skills?
    How can they tune into their dreams and make them reality?
    How can they recognize if they are moving in the right direction?
    and how can couples unpack their excess baggage, let go of what "could have been" and move forward with what they have together?

    In their book, "Couples at the Crossroads Five Steps to Finding Your Way Back to Love," psychoanalytic psychotherapist Daniela Roher, Ph.D. and Jungian analyst Susan Schwartz, Ph.D. join forces to create a much needed roadmap for couples who find themselves on the dark and rocky road of a deteriorating relationship.

    Whether you are young or old, married or not, if you are in a committed relationship "Couples at the Crossroads Five Steps to Finding Your Way Back to Love" will provide a safe place where you can face your fears, explore unknown aspects of your emotions, and finally understand your partner and yourself, in this way steering your intimate relationship back on course.

    Five clear and easy to follow steps are described to help couples in distress to find their way out of the crossroads:

    Step 1: Survey the road;
    Step 2: Unearth what’s blocking your view;
    Step3: Unpack and get rid of excess baggage;
    Step 4: Rebuild trust for the journey ahead;
    Step 5: Access the emotions that fuel your relationship and build connecting bridges with one another.